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#3 Incontro - Ph.D Days 2023 VI Ed.

Mercoledì 10 maggio alle ore 16 si terrà il #3 incontro del ciclo di seminari “Ph.D Days 2023 VI Edizione”, nella sede di Palazzo dell’Etna, Aula Formazione - 1°piano, via San Nullo 5/ì– Catania.

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Il seminario dal titolo “Publications and Patents in Scientific Research sarà a cura del Prof. Vincenzo Di Cataldo e del Prof. Salvo Sortino

Abstract: Publishing and/or patenting the results of scientific research represent the main goal for any scientist. Both processes require specific requisites and confer to the researcher duties and rights.

What about the peer-review procedures and ethical issues before but also after publication of a scientific paper? What about the influence of the aphorism “publish or perish” in the quality of research? What about the difference between publications and patents?

What about patents? What for are they? Who is the owner? What is an exclusive right? What about the role of role of patents in recent era of COVID-19 vaccines?

These aspects will be discussed in the two speeches with the final aim of providing the audience with some general guidelines useful for evaluating whether publishing or patenting is a true or false dilemma.