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#2 Incontro - Ph.D Days 2023 VI Ed.

Lunedì 17 aprile alle ore 16 si terrà il #2 incontro del ciclo di seminari “Ph.D Days 2023 VI Edizione”, nella sede di Palazzo dell’Etna, Aula Formazione 1°piano - via San Nullo 5/i – Catania.

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Il seminario dal titolo “Technology and Knowledge Transfer: the path of applied research sarà a cura del Prof. Antonio Terrasi nella prima parte e del Prof. Filippo Caraci nella seconda parte.

Abstract: Technology Transfer (TT) represents the most important step of any applied research. It is the set of all the processes necessary to transform an idea, or basic research, into a real product. However, this path is complex and requires an approach that facilitates the subsequent, or contemporary, dialogue with companies and industries. For this reason, TT must be accompanied by KT (Knowledge Transfer), i.e. the ability to transfer the knowledge of researchers to the productive world. During the seminar, the concepts of TT and KT, as well as the necessary phases and actions, will be described and explained. The good practices towards a patent or a real application will be highlighted, with particular reference to the novel procedures available at TT office of the University of Catania to support young researchers/inventors.

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